Barrier Lake Boat Rental


Barrier Lake boat rentals

Barrier Lake is a man made reservoir at the north end of Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada. Highway 40 runs between the lake and Mount Baldy, on the eastern shore. It is entirely located in the Bow Valley Provincial Park. Barrier Lake was created for hydroelectric power generation on the Kananaskis River.




Barrier Lake – Water Craft Rentals

Murphy’s Boat Rentals is your home for power sport rentals, especially for enjoying the water at Barrier Lake. One enjoyable option is to explore the lake with a Moomba MONDO motor boat . We offer our clients one of the largest selections of  rentals a in the Calgary area. above all Barrier Lake boat rentals Our qualified staff can walk you through all the safety features of our boats before you take it out on the water. Additionally, we provide the highest quality of maintenance to make sure our water craft  outperform the competition. No matter how much experience you have, our team can make sure you are ready to tackle the waves and make great memories.

Renting a Boat for the Perfect Day on Barrier Lake

Nothing is more energizing than experiencing the cool water and refreshing breeze while you speed along in your ski or wakeboard boat. If you like cruise, wakeboard, or socialize, we have the perfect vessel for you. Here at Murphy’s Boat Rentals, we’ll help you beat the heat and have a blast on Barrier Lake with premium rentals boat. We carry – Sanger SURF, Moomba MONDO, Tomcat boats that include everything to have best day on Barrier Lake.  If you simply want to have a nice time on the water, call us today at  403-660-9701 .  

For the serious skiers or wake borders

we have unrestricted 450HP speed boats for your boating experience.

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