Pigeon Lake Boat Rental


 Pine lake boat rentals. We rent Surf Boat to the public.

Pigeon Lake is one of the premier lake destinations for Alberta families. Choose sandy beaches, clear water and lots of activities!




  There’s a reason why families keep coming back to Pigeon Lake every year. Pigeon Lake is close to Edmonton, Wetaskiwin and Leduc, making it the perfect summer getaway for capital city families. It’s quick and easy to get to, and with so much to see and do, a great place to take a break and have some fun! With great fishing, watersports like tubing and wakeboarding and a lot more to do on the lake and it’s shores, you’ll never be bored at Pigeon Lake! But if you want the real lake experience, you need to contact us to arrange your Pigeon Lake boat rental.   Pigeon Lake Boat Rental

There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind in your hair as you skim the waters of Pigeon Lake in your rented boat!

  If you choose Pigeon Lake for your family getaway, make sure that every day is packed with excitement and adventure. But make sure that you do it safely too. Our rental boats are regularly inspected, immaculately maintained, and have all the safety equipment you need. Choose a smaller, simpler boat to spend the day fishing, or a faster, powerful one for water skiing or wakeboarding. Whatever you want to do on the water, and whatever your skill level, we can match you with the perfect boat. Still not sure you can handle a boat on your own. Our team of boating specialists will give you the training you need to be safe and confident on the water. Or, if you prefer to leave it up to us, we can send an instructor out with you, to help out or take control when needed. therefore Pigeon Lake Boat Rental    

Pigeon Lake Boat Rentals

  If you love speed on the water, then there’s nothing better than a 22-foot motorboat. It’s perfect for tubing, wakeboarding and more. Or choose the ultimate 450hp unrestricted powerboat to really give you the speed you need! Don’t need speed? That’s okay too. Our fleet has many options that are designed for safe and sedate cruising on the lake. Cut the engine and catch some rays (or a fish) or take in the sights of the lake with a full tank of gas. It’s the perfect way to spend a family friendly day. We’ve got motorboats that can accommodate various groups too. Whether you’re planning a romantic sunset cruise for two, or an event for up to 14 people, there’s a boat in our fleet that will meet your needs. So, contact us at Pigeon Lake boat rental to arrange your safe, fun, speedy and comfortable boat rental. Pigeon Lake Boat Rental however

For the serious skiers or wake borders

we have unrestricted 450HP speed boats for your boating experience.


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