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 Pine lake boat rentals. We rent Surf Boat to the public.

Sylvan Lake, a thriving hub of activity for all ages features wonderful, sandy beach with clear, shallow waters.



There’s nothing like a day on the lake, and when it’s Sylvan Lake, so much the better! Sylvan Lake has been a go to destination for families and adventure seekers from southern and central Alberta for a long time. Since it’s located just 25 kilometers from Red Deer, it’s also an easily accessible destination with amenities nearby. Whether you love the peace and quiet of fishing or crave the non stop action of tubing or wakeboarding, the best way to see Sylvan Lake is from a boat, and at Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals, we’ve got just the boat you need. Sylvan Lake Boat Rental   Sylvan Lake Boat Rental e lake boat rentals

Open up the engine on your private motorboat to feel the wind in your hair as you speed across the water of Sylvan Lake.

Excitement matters, and you’ll get plenty of that with our boat rentals, but we’re also very safety conscious. So, you’ll find that all our boats are in excellent repair, and fully stocked with all the safety equipment you need. We have many different types of boats in our fleet too, so whether you want to wakeboard, water ski or something else, we can match you to a rental that meets your needs, and your skill level. however Not comfortable at the helm? Our highly trained staff will walk you through everything you need for safe operation and a great day on the water. We’ve even got instructors who will head out on the water with you, to help or take over when needed. Sylvan Lake Boat Rental  

Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals

Feel the power of a 22-foot motorboat made for wakeboarding or choose an unrestricted 450hp vessel for the ultimate in power and speed. Not a fan of speed? Our boats are perfect for cruising the lake and soaking up the sun too, and with a full tank of gas and all the safety equipment you need, you’re all set for a family friendly day on the water. Our fleet of motorboats can accommodate groups ranging from couples to large events of up to 14 people. So, whatever you want to do on Sylvan Lake, contact us, and do it with one of our safe, comfortable, and speedy boat rentals. Sylvan Lake Boat Rental

For the serious skiers or wake borders

we have unrestricted 450HP speed boats for your boating experience.


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