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Sylvan Lake is one of the hidden gems of central Alberta.




There’s no denying that when you’re in Sylvan Lake in summer time, you’re going to want to spend time on the water. But unless you have a boat (and don’t mind hauling it around), that could be a little tricky. Not anymore! We offer boat rentals in Sylvan Lake, right on the water. No towing, no need to buy a boat! Just contact us and rent a boat! It couldn’t be easier, and it’s perfect for the occasional boater. Our team of Sylvan Lake boating specialists love the water almost as much as our customers do. So we’re always happy to help with information, boating tips and advice. Enjoy Sylvan Lake like you were meant to – from a boat! Our boat rental service is all around Alberta. So, when you feel the urge to spend a day out on the water, there’s no hassle! We’ve got small boats for one or two people going fishing, and much larger craft for families and groups. It’s easy to rent a boat too, and we have flexible options. You can rent for a few hours or choose a larger boat and spend a weekend on the water. Whatever your boating dreams are, we can make them happen. So, if you’re going to be in Sylvan Lake, pay us a visit. There’s nothing quite like spending time out on the lake! in Buffalo lake boat rentalse lake boat rentals

If you’re looking for the best range of boats and water sports options, Sylvan Lake Boat Rentals is the best place to find it!

It’s all the thrill and adventure of being the captain of your own boat, with none of the cost and inconvenience of owning one, this is the next best thing.

  Sun, sand and water. It’s what Sylvan Lake summer vacation dreams are made of! There’s a good reason Sylvan Lake is such a popular destination, besides the fact of its proximity to Calgary. It’s beautiful, and there are almost endless options to keep you busy on water. So if you’re going to visit, you need to experience the lake up close. Explore Lakeshore Drive and Centennial Street for boutiques, restaurants, and public art, to have a break and go back to enjoy the water. Don’t forget to take in a brilliant sunset as the day fades!however

Sylvan Lake Fishing

Whether you’re a serious fisherman or just like spending time doing nothing on the water, our boat rentals are the perfect solution. We’ve got a wide selection of boats to accommodate any party, and they’re all carefully maintained. The lake is well stocked with lake whitefish, walleye, perch, burbot and pike, and we’re happy to point you to the best spots to find them. With a boat rental, you can try your luck all over the lake too, so you’re sure to have something delicious for dinner! Boat Rentals Sylvan Lake

Special occasion

They call it a special occasion. So why not make it a one-of-a-kind experience? Hiring a boat for your memorable event is a great way to create an unforgettable experience. Boat Rentals Sylvan Lake

Ski & Wakeboards. Boat Rental Sylvan Lake

If you are planning to head out on the water for some fast-paced ski or wake boarding action, you’re in the right place. Not only do we rent boats that can give you the speed you want, but we also offer all sorts of related services too. From pointers for first time skiers and boarders to equipment rentals and more, we’ve got it all. Take the kids tubing or try your hand at watersports. You haven’t experienced true water fun until you try them all! Boat Rentals Sylvan Lake

For the serious skiers or wake borders

we have unrestricted 450HP speed boats for your boating experience.

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