Boat Rental In Edmonton


Boat Rental In Edmonton

Looking for a cool way to make the most of your time off? The environment in Edmonton offers beautiful landscapes for us to soak in. Spending time outside is a great way to destress, relax and have a great time. You just need to find the right activity to do. Renting boats is a great way to spend your summer day out in the sun on a beautiful lake with your friends and family. And renting boats is incredibly easy! Murphy’s Boat Rental offers boat rental services in Edmonton that make boating accessible for everyone!

A day on the lake

There’s so much to do on the lake! And with a boat at your disposal, the possibilities are even broader. Whether you’re looking to spend the day relaxing on the water, or want to enjoy a day of adrenaline via some water sports, we have a craft that will suit your needs.

You can spend the day fishing with a couple of friends. Enjoying the sounds of nature and having fulfilling conversations while catching food for dinner. Boating is also an excellent opportunity to have fun on the water with a group of friends. Bring up to 20 people on a single boat – eat food together, soak in the sun and swim in the water!

We also offer boat rentals in Edmonton that are performance based. Many of the people who rent from us love tubbing, or are wake-boarders, water skiers.

A variety of crafts to suit your needs

Murphy’s Craft Rental, we offer a variety of boats that will suit your specific needs. That is to say, whether you’re looking for a day of fishing, or you need a boat that can carry a lot of people, or want a craft that will help you get the most out of your day of wakeboarding, we have what you need.

For instance, the Malibu M240 is a luxury boat that can seat up to 17 people. It’s powerful, spacious and ideal for spending the day on the lake. Or maybe the Tahoe Q4 will be more to your liking. Seating up 7 people, this boat is ideal for a day of water sports, it’s small, fast and nimble.

Renting a boat is a simple and easy process. Often you can rent a boat the very same day.

Edmonton boat rentals for beginners and experts

Our boat rental services in Edmonton aren’t just for people who have boat licenses. At Murphy’s Boat Rental you can rent a boat even if you’ve never driven one before. We also offer boating lessons for beginners. And if you just want to relax, one of our representatives will steer the boat for you.

So if you’re looking to spend the day on the lake in Edmonton Murphy’s Craft Rentals can make it happen.

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