Chestermere Boat Rental

Chestermere Boat Rental

Are you looking to rent a boat in Chestermere? Then look no further! Murphy’s boat rental is here to see to your boating needs.

The beautiful Chestermere Lake is calling you!

This 4.8 km long lake was originally a man-made reservoir for irrigation purposes. But now, it’s a beautiful recreational area with three lakeside parks and two beaches. You can find every type of beach activity here, like swimming, fishing, picnics, beach volleyball, and water tubing.  Non-motorized vehicles like canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and paddleboats are on the lake every summer.

Chestermere Lake welcomes motorized vehicles too. Are you looking for high-speed adventures with skis and wakeboards? Or a leisurely cruise to enjoy the sights? Or a relaxed fishing expedition? Lake Chestermere has a lot to offer to the boating enthusiast. Chestermere Boat Rental

Murphy’s fleet of boats. Chestermere Boat Rental

Chestermere Boat Rental We have three types of boats for rent:

  • Sanger Surf: With it’s 21’6″ length, the sanger surf can sit 12 persons. Easy to handle and easy to dock. This model is perfect if you are a newbie getting their captain’s feet wet the first time!
  • Moomba Mondo: Slightly longer than the Sanger surf, the Moomba Mondo can easily seat 13 persons. With its Ford Raptor engine, this model gives you a lot more power for a smoother ride.
  • Tomcat: The Tomcat is capable of seating 16 people in its 24′ body. Designed explicitly for wakeboarding enthusiasts, you won’t regret taking this boat on your water adventures. Chestermere Boat Rental

So, why wait? Call Murphy’s Boat Rentals today!

Murphy’s Boat Rental has everything you need to make your boating experience safe and fun. Our fleet is always in great condition and has all the required safety equipment.

Even if you are a boating newbie, no problem! We can give you the training you need to be safe and confident in the boat. Alternatively, we can provide an instructor to manage the boat for you, so you can focus on enjoying the ride! Chestermere Boat Rental however

Chestermere Boat Rental

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