Vacation Boat Rental Calgary


Vacation Boat Rental Calgary

When you are looking for vacation boat rental in Calgary, Murphy’s Boat Rentals offers the ultimate experience for all your water-related activities. Thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts come to Calgary to experience the rush of wake-boarding, surfing, and skiing on its rivers and lakes. Our selection of high-performance watercraft will accommodate groups or individuals interested in a variety of watersports. We have over 10 years of experience catering the needs of water sports enthusiasts, families and large groups alike. And with us you get an unprecedented boat rental experience. Whether you are learning or experienced, we provide the best watercraft options to suit your needs. Moreover, we’re here to help you make your next trip to Calgary lakes unforgettable. And are the perfect spot to begin your adventurous weekend excursion. We have several boats that we rent daily.

Further, Murphy’s Boat Rentals bring you all the thrills of boating with none of the hassle. So, whether you’re interested in wakeboarding, tubing, or waterskiing, we have a boat rental deal for you. We have rental packages available that will fit every need and occasion. From vacations on the waters around Calgary and its many lakes, to wakesurfing at local lakes and shores. We’re ready to serve you with a boat package that suits your needs.

Murphy’s Boat Rentals Calgary!

Secondly, you’re in for an adventure when you choose Murphy’s Boat Rentals Calgary! We provide affordable and state-of-the-art vacation boat rental services in Calgary. We also has the biggest and best selection of boat rentals in South-Western Alberta, with models that hold from 4 to 25 people. In addition, Murphy’s Boat Rentals makes it easy for you to get on the water with power boat rentals that include all of your safety gear. We offer several different types of boats suited for different purposes (water-skiing, wakeboarding or fishing). So browse our inventory and find exactly what you need for vacation boat rental in Calgary.

There are many things to do in Calgary, but nothing replaces the feeling of wind in your hair as you sail around Alberta’s magnificent landscape. Our wakeboarding and skiing boat rentals access some of the best water-skiing and wakeboard sites in the city — Pike Lake, the Bow River and Calgary’s famous lakes. Murphy’s Boat Rentals have been providing vacation boat rentals to Calgary residents for over a decade. So book your rental today! Take a look at our fleet for boat packages that will suit your vacation needs.

Moreover, our experience in this industry has allowed us to build a loyal customer base when it comes to vacation boat rentals in Calgary. And we’re confident that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need during your stay. Come down to our docks today and see what all the fun is about!

Fleet For Beginner & Expert

Our fleet of ski boats will have everyone from beginner to expert riding high. And is designed to offer an exhilarating experience for adventurous wakeboarders and water skiers. With access to some of the most breathtaking settings in Calgary, you’ll feel as though you’re floating on air. And let’s not forget how having a professional wakeboarding or water skiing guide will ensure your day is stress-free and action-packed! That is to say, let us take care of the planning. And we’ll get you equipped with everything you need for your next vacation on Calgary.

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